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Niagara, Ontario, Canada
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Niagara Wines

A wide range of wines are produced in the Niagara region. From Baco Noir, Gamay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, to Chardonnay, Riesling to the areas famous Icewine.

Enjoy many styles and tastes…

Niagara Wineries

When people think of wine, images of France, Italy and Germany spring to mind. But, Ontario wines have quickly grown in stature, and are now recognized worldwide.

Niagara wineries are Ontario’s main wine-growing region. Rows upon rows of grapevines line the route from Stoney Creek right into Niagara. While you can head into your local LCBO and visit the Ontario section of the store, why not take a day or a weekend, hop in the car and visit these wineries (and wines) in person?

Niagara’s wineries host everything from tastings to special events. Drop in for a tour of the winery, a lesson on detecting each wine’s distinct character and a chance to shop in the winery gift shop. Here, you can find everything from napkins and bottle openers, to the food to serve with the wines.

Niagara’s wine route is world-famous. A visit to any of the spots along the route will sprout new friendships with international wine lovers from the U.S., Europe and Asia – all here to sample our province’s wine reserves.

But what makes Ontario so ideal for wine? In the case of Niagara, it’s the soil, the temperate climate and the international experts who have put their roots here – vine roots, that is.

Not all wines are made the same. Some are aged in new oak barrels, while others are aged in generations’ old casks. Each winemaker has his preference, coming from years of training and experimentation. The grapes, the main ingredient in wine, are not harvested at the same time either. In the case of Ontario’s award-winning Icewines, these grapes are harvested only after a deep freeze (to minus 8C for three days) to get that sweet, heady taste. It’s worth a drive and even long-distance flight to discover it for yourself.

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